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Lapis Lazuli Orgon Pyramid

Lapis Lazuli Orgon Pyramid

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Lapis Lazuli Orgon pyramid With Clear Quartz Pencil for energy healing


    • Highlights :
      • Handmade
      • Size - 75-80MM (looks bigger & just as beautiful in real life!)
      • Rich Blue Colour & Aesthetically Pleasing
      • Materials: Copper Filling, Crystal Quartz Pencil Point, Copper Coil & Lapis Lazuli Chips

    • Perfect for Gifting
    • Home Decor
    • Office Decor
    Wilhelm Reich discovered an energy he named Orgone. Using layers of metal and organic materials such as wood and cotton, he was able to manipulate this energy. To maintain a matrix of these items, they are cast in resin. The unique materials used aid the energy flow within the Orgonite dynamically. It is commonly used as a tool for protection, specifically shielding against electromagnetic pollution or EMF

    The beauty of ORGONE is that it can be combined with various terminologies like Reiki, Usui, Karuna, Earth Elements, Arch Angel, Chokurei, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Pendulum Therapy, Massage Ball Therapy, Vastu Therapy, Chakra Sanskrit Therapy, Generator Effects, Merkaba Sets, Healing with Massage Sticks and Wands.
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