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Green Aventurine Ganesha

Green Aventurine Ganesha

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This Aventurine Ganesh Statue combines the energy of Aventurine, a crystal of luck and confidence, with Ganesh, the God of wisdom.

This powerful energy combination helps you enhance your luck in all aspects of life, but especially in financial and professional aspects. Each one of these Ganesh statues are hand-carved and hand-painted, so they will vary in size, shape, color and pattern.


Lord Ganesha, known as the Remover of Obstacles, is a power source when it comes to breaking through blocks and limitations. 

Carved out of Aventurine, this crystal Ganesh statue holds the energy of luck and success. Think of Aventurine as your lucky charm – – a stone that helps you strike gold and discover new opportunities for success.

By enhancing your confidence and your openness to receive, Aventurine helps you feel like the luckiest person around.

When you are facing obstacles to success or feeling awfully unlucky in life ask your Aventurine Ganesh to help you clear away the obstacles in your path.


  • Place it close to your heart i.e wherever you spend most of your time
  • Ideal for any divine space like home temple & workplace, bookshelf, study desk or home decor corner
  • Be around its positive aura for a soothing reminder that you are protected. 


  • An amazing, one-of-a-kind Ganesh statue 
  • Hand carved from a single shimmering Green Aventurine gemstone
  • With Intricate gold foil painting designs
  • Considerable time and skilful craftsmanship make it a masterpiece.
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