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Rose Quartz Ganesha

Rose Quartz Ganesha

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  • Create An Irresistible Impact on Everyone You Meet!
  • Know how it feels to have so much energy that it can be radiated to everyone around you
  • Invokes universal love including self love
  • Helps in marriage, partnerships leading to lifelong relationships
  • Gives a sense of self worth and higher self esteem
  • Makes you approachable and mends a broken heart



  • Rose Quartz Ganesha gives out the most important energy called love
  • Combines abundance of joy, peace and happiness received from fulfilled relationships with energy of Angels


  • Place it close to your heart i.e wherever you spend most of your time
  • Ideal for any divine space like home temple & workplace, bookshelf, study desk, home decor corner
  • Be around its positive aura for a soothing reminder that you are protected.


Abundance of love enlightens your heart and fills it with joy, happiness and peace, which are true gems of a content life.

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