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Crystal Ganesha (Rose Quartz + Green Aventurine)

Crystal Ganesha (Rose Quartz + Green Aventurine)

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A Special Offer Bundle Of Two Crystal Ganeshas. Rose Quartz For Building Healthy Relationships, Attracting Love and Fertility. Green Aventurine For Attracting Wealth, Success, and Abundance.

               ROSE QUARTZ GANESHA 


  • Create An Irresistible Impact on Everyone You Meet!
  • Know how it feels to have so much energy that it can be radiated to everyone around you
  • Invokes universal love including self love
  • Helps in marriage, and partnerships leading to lifelong relationships
  • Gives a sense of self-worth and higher self-esteem
  • Makes you approachable and mends a broken heart



Lord Ganesha, known as the Remover of Obstacles, is a power source when it comes to breaking through blocks and limitations. 

Carved out of Aventurine, this crystal Ganesh statue holds the energy of luck and success. Think of Aventurine as your lucky charm – – a stone that helps you strike gold and discover new opportunities for success.

By enhancing your confidence and your openness to receive, Aventurine helps you feel like the luckiest person around.

When you are facing obstacles to success or feeling awfully unlucky in life ask your Aventurine Ganesh to help you clear away the obstacles in your path.

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